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Download the App In 3 Easy Steps

To become a DinarPAY customer, easily follow the steps mentioned below and enjoy the various payment services provided.

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Step 01

Download The App

DinarPAY is available on both Google & Apple stores

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Step 02

Sign Up As a New Customer

Create your DinarPAY account by filling out the required fields

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Step 03

Create Your DinarPAY Cards

Create your Virtual / e-Dinar cards to start your transactions

Why choose DinarPAY?

The ultimate Fast, Easy and User Friendly Application

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Faster Than Any Other Payment Application

DinarPAY works on providing their customers solutions to their payment problems always, thus by ensuring fast and instant payment methods.

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Provides Multiple Payment Methods

DinarPAY offers it’s customers a variety of payment methods to benefit from.

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High Level Of Security

DinarPAY assures it’s customers a secured and high level of encryption for their information always

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DinarPAY works on being available for customers use at any time and anywhere at the reach of their hands.

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Offering Additional Payment Services

DinarPAY offers it’s customer a variety of additional payment and banking services when downloading the App as well.

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Customer Satifaction

DinarPAY is determined on working towards establishing a 100% customer satisfaction always.

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A few of our services

  • Cashless Transactions and payments using your wallet account anytime.

  • The ability to view, manage, and export your previous transactions.

  • The ability to make money transfers from one account to another instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collected a hand-full of your most asked questions to help you.

1. How do I set up an account?

Download the App and login then register and sign-up giving your details. Customers need to download the App and login as Customer.  Virtual card sign-up requires user to create a password and PIN code. After logging in you can change the password and PIN code.


2. How do I transfer money?
  1.  You can transfer money to DinarPAY Customers and DinarPAY Partner banks.
  2.  On the App navigation bar choose settings menu-go to personal information menu-at the bottom a prompt to upload passport or your official Libyan ID card. It is very important that the name on your ID or passport is exactly the same as on your account. Also the image must be clear and your name details easy to read.
  3. Edit profile- ID or passport copy upload- save changes-our customer support agent will verify your account.
  4.  You receive the OK when a small verification circle with a tick in it is displayed- (a badge). This will take some time.
  5.  You will need your unique DinarPAY account number.
  6. Go to settings- your unique DinarPAY account number is displayed in a blue box at the top of the screen.
3. How do I add funds?
  1. Click on My Virtual card.
  2.  Select option +Add Funds
  3.  Input the amount you wish to deposit.
  4. Select Bank from drop down menu (DinarPAY bank partners listed).
  5. Select branch.
  6. Select Beneficiary Name ‘Dinar Financial Services’.
  7.  Upload receipt.
  8. Accept terms and conditions.
  9. Confirm payment.
  10. Transaction Overview will open on the next window.
  11.  Commission is displayed. Accept terms and conditions.
  12. Once bank confirmation is received the transaction will be processed.
  13.  Select Customer Ledger Details-Fund Deposit-Cash-Out, to track the status of your transaction.
  14. Account review display will be ‘Pending’ – still being processed Or ‘Approved’
  15. Accept terms and conditions as well as commission charges and the transaction will be completed.
  16.  If ‘Rejected’ is displayed that means no funds have been deposited.
4. How do I contact customer support?

Please see our FAQs on your App or on our web site Or if you still have an enquiry – On your App select menu- View Customer Contact Information or Contact Us. For telephone enquiries you need to get an online authorization code which is only valid for that enquiry. (See 3. Using DinarPAY Mobile App)  

5. Is DinarPAY free?

Downloading the DinarPAY App from Apple and Google Store is free.

6. What currencies can I use for transactions?

Virtual card offers multi-currency transactions: (Libyan Dinar, Tunisian Dinar, US Dollar, Euro, Turkish Lira, Chinese Yen)

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