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About Us

Dinar Financial Services is the local operator of DinarPAY Mobile Payment platform. We offer an  innovative solution allowing you to spend from any of your accounts using just one card or app, thereby simplifying your financial transactions everyday.

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Our Ambition

We aim to empower local communities, small to medium business enterprises and individuals throughout the country. We are committed to high standards by operating responsibly, ethically and transparently at all times. We shall act in the interests of the underprivileged by influencing our strategic partners into joint ventures to support them and further to share our technical expertise to empower them.  

At all times we will make every effort to conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner. We believe in providing equal opportunities and development for all our stakeholders through training and work experience.  

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision Mission
Our Mission

Our Mission

We are equally committed to building trust through our vision of establishing our brand as reliable, trustworthy and equitable. With this vision we aim to reach out to all our countrymen in order that they benefit through economic empowerment and improved living standards.  


Our Vision

Our ambition is to continue to build and enhance our capability in line with new technological developments. We will identify and take initiatives presented, identify all business opportunities and increase our portfolio value. Our continued economic growth will have an equally parallel economic impact on our customers and stakeholders thereby creating opportunities for business development nationally. 

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Download the app and make payments easily

With the DinarPAY you can pay and transfer money in seconds. It has never been easier.

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